Albertans are Googling one Super Bowl team more than the ot…

Alex Antoneshyn, CTV Edmonton

Published Sunday, February 3, 2019 1:07PM MST

Last Updated Sunday, February 3, 2019 1:14PM MST

According to Google Canada data, Albertans are much more interested in or curious about the New England Patriots, in comparison to the team’s Super Bowl competitor, the Los Angeles Rams.

Over the last seven days, 83 per cent of Alberta-originating searches of the two teams have been about the Patriots.

The trend is similar in all regions across Canada—except Quebec, which showed a 58-42 per cent split in interest between the two teams.

Searches regarding the Patriots spiked Jan. 13 when they advanced to the American Football Conference Championship.

Since then, Canadians have asked Google for all kinds of information about New England quarterback Tom Brady: How many Super Bowls has he played in? How many Super Bowl rings does he have? What college did he attend?

Google inquiries have focused on another Super Bowl necessity—snacks. Canadians in the east have most Googled recipes for baked goods, like cupcakes and donuts, or Deviled Eggs and cabbage and squash soup in New Brunswick and Newfoundland. Albertans most frequently sought a recipe for Pizza Monkey Bread.  

On YouTube, Canadian searches for Super Bowl commercials outnumber searches for Super Bowl half-time performances.

According to Google, the 2010 Old Spice and 2013 God of War commercials are among the all-time favourite commercials.

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