Google files patent for ‘Z-fold’ display technology

has recently filed a which suggests that the could be interested in a “Z-fold” that could bend in two different places without breaking.

The does not mention the word “phone” even once, instead it refers to how the display could be used by “modern devices” which could refer to tablets or laptops, The Verge reported on Thursday.

The giant’s interest in foldable is being speculated to be more inclined towards the of their designs, because typically, does not produce displays or handsets on its own.

Hence it is also likely that licences the foldable screen out to a third-party rather than producing it by itself.

“Like with its iPhones, Google reportedly outsources of the Pixel 3 to Foxconn, and both and shared duties on the Pixel 2 phones,” the report said.

Google added support for foldable displays into in November.

The company also worked closely with and to ensure that would work well on the first ever foldable



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