Google Looking For Beta Testers For The Search Console Perf…

Google is once again looking for beta testers to help improve the Google Search Console Performance report. John Mueller of Google posted on Twitter saying “we’re looking to make some changes and would love to get your feedback, especially if you use the report regularly & have a kinda complex site.” To apply to be a beta tester, go this form and complete it.

Google said on the form:

We’re looking for a handful of beta-testers for some changes in the Search Console Performance report. In particular, we’d love to get feedback from folks who use this report on a daily or weekly basis, who are willing to send us feedback, and who have websites that either:

  • use multiple subdomains / properties for the same content (eg, m-dot, amp-dot sites)
  • use multiple subdomains / properties for different content (eg, blog. , shop., www.)
  • use multiple subdomains / domains for internationalization
  • are otherwise complicated πŸ™‚

Google said they will l send you a short email should we select you for this test.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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