Here are the emerging careers in this digital age

The internet is revolutionizing how we conduct our day-to-day activities. 

Be it at home or in the workplace, things are changing all because of one word-digitalization. 

No one wants to be left behind as digital transformation is fast-taking shape and form.

Having worked as a digital skills trainer with Google under the Google Digital Skills For Africa (GDSA) program, I have come to gain a lot of experience and I can testify that the digital economy is already here with us. 

We do not have any other option but to embrace it. From internet banking, online tickets and booking to online marketing and electronic government services.

The workplace is also changing to conform to the digital economy. 

Many public and private companies are now seeking to recruit individuals with, at least, basic and intermediary digital skills. 

Inasmuch as digitalization has rendered many workers redundant (and therefore jobless), it has, on the other hand, created new careers. 

According to Google skills digital there are numerous “hot-cake” careers one can pursue in the digital age. 

Many companies are strengthening their online presence and they need to hire Search Engine Optimization (SEO) managers to optimize their websites. 

Also, they need Content Curators, Web designers and Social Network managers (to manage their social media sites like Facebook, Linked-in and Twitter).

Other careers in the digital age include E-commerce manager, Data analyst, User experience specialist and Search engine Marketing (SEM) manager to take care of their paid online advertisements.


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