Millennials Rate Delta and Southwest Airlines Higher Than A…

Now a new analysis by Indeed, an employment search engine, says it’s able to rank the 25 highest-rated workplaces as perceived by Millennials. And the companies on the list are mostly not the ones you might expect, at least if you went by the stereotypes.

Part of this might have to do with the fact that Millennials are getting older, and thus shedding the perceptions that might have had as much to do with their youth as their generation. 

Also, many of them graduated into a rough economy, but as they’re really getting into the high earning power years, economic conditions are at historic highs. 

Still, the rankings have some big surprises. 

The top-rated company? According to Indeed, it’s Northrop Grumman, the giant aerospace and defense company, with 70,000 employees and roots going back to two airplane manufacturers that were founded in the 1930s.

Financial services companies and pharmaceutical companies dominated the list.  Number 2 and number 3 overall: Discover Financial Services and Kaiser Permanente. 

Also surprising was that the #4 and #5 ranked companies were Delta Air Lines and Southwest Airlines, while almost all the big tech companies were noticeable by their absence.

Google and Facebook aren’t even on the list. Apple clocks in at number 6, Microsoft is number 11, and Intel is 22. That’s it, unless you want to include Upwork, the freelance marketplace, which comes in at number 16.

“[T]hough cliches persist, millennials are actually less likely than baby boomers to say that creativity and fun are ‘extremely important’ to them when applying for a job,” according to an Indeed blog post about their data. “It turns out that what really matters is how an organization will help them learn, grow and further their careers.”

Indeed says it created the list by looking at companies “highest overall ratings from user ratings and reviews on” over the last two years, and limiting the analysis to reviews by millennials.

Among the things Indeed says Millennials want most in their employment situations now:

How does your business or employer stack up when it comes to those considerations?

Here’s the full list of the top 25 highest rated Millennial workplaces according to Indeed:

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