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PRWeb claims them as an industry-leading distribution network, shares your story to targeted media websites, industry publications, blogs, social networks, and search engines. They also say PRWeb pricing is a solution for every challenge and every budget and they are currently offering four (04) different press release distribution packages. Named as, basic, standard, advanced and premium. Each point is carefully reviewed for you to make the best possible decision for your preference to submit your press release. We are now going to take a look at the detail of PRWeb pricing and how they are stretching your advertising dollar and making fake promises to provide you with the best possible results at the lowest price in the industry and we will be comparing PRWeb pricing along with pricing of

PRWeb’s basic package at $99 per release comes with basic press release template, permanent hosting of your release on and across major search engines – Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc. Standard package at $189 per release along with basic package features, offers additional file attachments: add documents, images, presentations, whatever helps you tell your story and increase engagement with your target audience. Distribute your release across PRWeb’s enhanced online syndication network, powered by PRNewswire, to increase your online visibility with new audiences, real-time reporting: see views, engagements and more.

Advance package at $289 per release comes including features of basic & standard packages and additionally offers to distribute your press release directly to their lists of journalists and bloggers, proofreading and for priority distribution they charges additional $99 ($289+$99=$388) to get your news out in the next 4 hours. Premium package at $389 per release comes including features of basic, standard & advance packages and additionally offers to amplify audience engagement via Sovrn’s content recommended network, which connects your message with an affinity audience distribute your press release to social media audiences.

Whereas is offering industry’s lowest price plans at Just $35, public relations & marketing agency recommended, Google/Yahoo/Bing & Google News Guaranteed. Moreover, single press release distribution plan of has three different packages. Such as Premium, Premium Pro and Premium Concierge. All single press release distribution plan has guaranteed distribution to ABC, CBS, and Fox News along with 400+ other media outlets and top-tier newswires along with no additional charges for priority distribution and uploading media contact, URL, image or video.

Firstly, the press release gets placement on the news section of including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Pricing for each press release distribution using the Premium, Premium Pro and Premium Concierge is $69, $129 and $299 only. Monthly and Annual press release subscription-based packages of can help any customer to save thousands of dollars each month. There is a Pricing Calculator on the pricing page that can provide an instant estimation of how much discount a customer is eligible for. For example, a Monthly subscription of 2 Premium Pro press release distribution is priced at $246, and for 16 press releases, each month is going to cost $1,040, reducing each press release price to $65 which enables to a discount of $1,024 a month.

Based on above-mentioned features and comparing the PRWeb pricing with the pricing of we can definitely say that, is the leader in press release distribution with the highest return on investment and lowest plan rates in the industry. Submit your press release today, with and get featured in Forbes, Bloomberg, New York Magazine and much more!

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