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Los Angeles, California-January 24, 2019– being one of the leading press release distribution companies in the industry OUTPRICED PRWeb in having the cheapest press release on the market.

With a starting price of $69 on a single press release, (formerly known as Press Release Jet), offers to distribute the article to over 250 quality media outlets inclusive of postings on Google News and visibility exposures to popular search engine sites like google, yahoo, and bing. Taking pride in their quality customer/technical support service, the company also offers convenience by having press release templates that could help customers build their press release for their businesses. Moreover, they are also hailed as one of the few companies who offer the highest return of investment on the press releases they handle proving that even though they are new in the industry, they could definitely compete with one of the giants in the market.

PRWeb, on the other hand, has a higher price point. Starting at $99 PRWeb offers to distribute a single press release to almost 350 media outlets including visibility exposures to the same popular search engines. The only difference is that they could reach a wider coverage of outlets as compared to simply because they are one of the forerunners in the industry. Having said that, it is also important to take note that, the price will definitely be affected.

There are advantages and disadvantages brought to you by enrolling to the services in any of these companies. Here are some of the recommendations:

  • is best for startup companies who are looking for affordable yet quality services for the press release and press release distribution.
  • PRWeb is recommended for businesses that want to have more exposure and could afford a higher tier of press release distribution services.


For inquiries visit their website at for more details about their packages, subscriptions, and promos for this month. Their customer support representatives are willing to support you, anytime.

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