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Los Angeles, CA – Knowing how to write media releases for small businesses is pertinent in the growth of a marketing plan online. Gone are the days that media releases are used only as a means of news through a television channel, and now businesses that wish to share their news online are able to do so themselves. Media releases provide up to date, ongoing content that boosts search engine optimization, drives calls and sales, and garners more visits to business websites – all of these things resulting in more sales. Media releases are a great way to provide SEO optimized content that includes relevant keywords to a small businesses target audience. If this content is written with the correct keywords, search engines will be more likely to put the media release on the first page, meaning that it is much easier to be found by potential clients or customers.

Media releases can be written on a never-ending array of topics such as a new store or website, upcoming events, awards, accomplishments, new services or products, etc. The list is endless for topics and can establish a businesses credibility in a local area or field of interest, spread their news far and wide to possible future customers and clients, boost their visibility, and create brand awareness to consumers online.

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Most small businesses have a tough time teaching themselves how to write media releases. However, Small Businesses in the news has streamlined the process, making it easy for businesses to tap into the power of media releases as a marketing tool online. Media releases can act as a deep well of original content that most importantly provides strong backlinks to their website. Backlinks are important as they signal search engines that others are talking about the company and it’s relevant services or products online. This cue tells Google or other search engines that a business should be moved higher on the search engine to be shown to those that are interested.

Small Businesses In The News knows that it is hard to write a media release correctly, therefore they are now offering a free guide: A Step-by-Step Blueprint for Small Businesses To Writing a Great Press Release. The free guide details everything businesses need to know about writing a media release, gives them examples of what they can write in a media release, and how to publish the release online to 100+ news channels. To download the free guide, visit their webpage here.


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