Trembling cursor ‘early sign’ of Parkinson’s | News

There is a correlation between tremulous moouse movements and those who search terms suggest they had Parkinson’sADAM PECK/PA

Your web searches, mouse movements and even online scrolling speed could be monitored remotely to spot Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s.

Data from millions of users of Microsoft’s Bing search engine studied over 18 months found a correlation between those with tremulous mouse actions and those whose search terms suggested that they were Parkinson’s patients.

The findings could lead to algorithms identifying the onset of the disease sooner but have raised privacy concerns about the extent and power of data being harvested by tech companies.

The study by Duke University and Microsoft looked at 31.3 million search engine users in the United States who were unaware of their involvement. In addition to the frequency of tremors, defined as “horizontal or vertical oscillations in cursor position up…

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