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New Partnership Between Vioby and ForesightOne Poised to Help E-Commerce Organizations Optimize Their Search Management Functionality

Boston, Massachusetts – ForesightOne is proud to announce its partnership with Vioby, creators of the AI component technology for search management platforms that is helping online retailers increase Paid Search conversions by up to 20% or more. Through this partnership, ForesightOne is launching Vioby in reaching a broader audience who can benefit from their powerful and transformative AdTech solution.

For e-commerce organizations that rely on heavy traffic from paid ads displayed on prominent search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, Vioby provides an invaluable platform to augment customer experience to identify specific and relevant products identified through search ads.  

Through advanced semantic understanding, automated machine learning, predictive analytics, Vioby’s integrated SEM technology is able to intervene in the shopper’s journey before they reach the retailer’s e-commerce. The component updates Search Ad Links dynamically by matching the shopper’s searched terms (based on intent) with the rich content on the retailer’s site and campaign data from search management platforms like Google Search Ads 360 and Kenshoo.

“Vioby’s AI component fulfills a technology gap in the Search Management AdTech Category, positively affecting the shopper’s journey from Search Ad click to add-to-cart conversion.” – says Pedro Rego, Chief Marketing Technologist and one of the Founders of ForesightOne.

With Vioby online retailers increase their likelihood of:

  • Maximizing paid search conversions by understanding shopper’s intent;
  • Creating a more fulfilling shopping experience;
  • Avoiding unnecessary page bounces or exits that are the result of frustrated shoppers who have been directed to the wrong place.
  • Eliminating the impractical time consuming manual intervention that would be required to create similar types of optimized destination landing pages.

Vioby empowers E-Commerce Retailers to build greater customer connection and loyalty, ensuring a long-lasting relationship with a greater number of shoppers, as well as a greatly increased ROI on their paid advertising campaigns.

ForesightOne is excited to partake in the Vioby launch, in particular, because of its innovative and ROI justified approach to assist Marketers who’s spend on paid search continues to rise as the reliance on e-commerce sites for Shopper’s focus continues to expand. 

About ForesightOne and Vioby:

ForesightOne is a Boston-based company that brings together Marketers and Technology Vendors that view innovation as a key component to their business success. To learn more about Vioby’s AI technology and its benefits, please visit their company profile page.

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