Website Design and Build for Thai Festivals Uk — Team Local…

After working with the clients to establish a brand image and message, we went about creating the mobile optimised site, designing layouts for search engine optimisation, optimising all images with meta data, and designing a user experience that would serve the target audience.

Mobile Optimised Website

All websites designed by TLMedia are mobile optimised — a must for anyone utilising websites in this day in age. From our own experience, and from research across the internet, mobile search is soaring. On Team Locals alone we see a ratio of 70/30 favoured to mobile and the mobile traffic is growing daily. If your website is not currently mobile optimised then you need to address this urgently. We can help!

SEO Optimised

From the chosen domain name to the meta tagging of images site wide, we’ve worked behind the scenes to to ensure the Thai Festival Uk website is ready for Google and its search competitors. Although not essential, initially choosing a domain name that accurately reflects your businesses genre can have a positive effect on your search results. We spent time working on text and content across the website that would inform search engines the purpose of the site, again helping to boost ranking in the future. Other additions included correctly tagging all images used and ensuring the site was correctly registered with Google’s Webmaster tool kit and that sitemaps were loaded to the software.

This website was designed an built within out standard business website service that we offer for £600. You can find out more about the service here »

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